Large Parcel Chest

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ParcelChest Secure parcel locker
Never miss another parcel delivery! Our secure home parcel locker are designed to accept large packages and keep them safe until you get home. Using the parcel locker is very simple, just leave the door closed, but unlocked, and any delivery person can place a package into it and lock it.

• Built from thick, heavy gauge galvanized steel.
• Weatherproof, sealed against the weather.
• Lift-up lid for easy access.
• Lock it with easy pushbutton lock.
• Mounting bolt kit included.
• Large is ground mount only.
• Simple delivery instructions printed on parcel box.
• Color: Textured gray.

Large: 22″ W x 24-3/4″ H x 17″ D (PCSDB-LG)
Maximum package dimensions: 19-1/2″ W x 20″ H x 13-1/2″ D


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