MB-400 Polished Brass Mailbox

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Provincial Collection Wall Mounted Brass Mailboxes Rustic handcrafted old world charm comes to life in the Provincial Collection. These elegant mailboxes are handcrafted one at a time from heavy gauge brass and copper in the old world tradition. – Finish information: If you want a refined look, choose the polished brass finish. Please note our polished brass mailboxes are handcrafted the old fashioned way by skilled brass artisans. Due to this hand crafting, slight imperfections are a normal part of the fabrication and are not considered a defect. Mailboxes are lacquered to prevent the finishes from tarnishing. On occasion, due to the finishing process, may have dust or very small air pockets trapped in the lacquer, this in no way effects the longevity of the product. This is just the nature of the product and adds to the character of each mailbox. The polished brass finish will show imperfections more than the hammered finishes. If you want a rustic look, choose the hammered finish. The rustic antique hammered finish is hand hammered, scuffed, and buffed. Please note that this finish may show some scuff (sanding) marks. This is part of the rustic character of this finish and is not a defect. Each mailbox is hand-made and the antique finish is hand applied. There are no two mailboxes the same. Some are lighter and some are darker. Color variations are normal between different antique brass mailboxes. The color of each mailbox will vary depending on the ambient lighting conditions.
  • Dimensions: 8″W x 12.5″H x 3.5″D
  • MB-400-AC


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